ARTOLOGY is scientific approach to assess art and its psychological or non-psychological impacts (e.g. self awareness, motor skills, hyperactivity, hypoactivity, pincer grip etc.). The scientific methods and tools involved in the program helps the practitioners to peep surreptitiously into the non-verbalized feelings, emotions and thought process of an individual.

There is an increase amount of scientific evidence that proves art enhances brain functions. Art has an impact on brain wave patterns and emotions, the nervous system and can actually raise serotonin level- An important chemical and neurotransmitter believed to help regulate moods and social behaviour, appetite and digestion, sleep and memory etc. Art as an expressive medium can help people to communicate, overcome stress and explore different aspects of their own personalities.

In consideration to the extensive and enrich experience AIMS Media conceptualised and developed Artology - A set of innovative therapeutic solutions which are focused on to achieve the following objectives :

  • To help analysing non-verbalised challenges
  • To fix certain developmental, psychological and physiological challenges
  • To enhance specific functional areas
  • To achieve the milestones of different stages of development
  • To combine art with traditional psychotherapy methods
  • To encompass profound innovative techniques and methods
  • To incorporate creative arts discipline into practice

ARTOLOGY has been developed on the demand of many eminent professionals and individuals around the globe. It is designed with unique blend of art and therapeutic solutions while keeping ‘Art’ as a prime factor. After a profound research series of programs has been designed as follows:

  • Artology Practitioner Program
  • Artology Master Practitioner Program
  • Artology Trainer Program
  • Artology Master Trainer Program

Practitioner's Speak




Artology Practitioner Program is designed after the active testing, experiments, many different studies, critics and discussions on a large spectrum of art under the observation of eminent team of artist, art therapist, psychologist, educational psychologist, psychiatrist, special educators and counsellors. It includes sixteen provident arts reflecting through eighteen different activities which are resulted to be the primary focus of the Artology Practitioner Program, which prejudiced to have an effective impact on the stated focused challenges and functional areas (e.g. confidence, motor skills, concentration, agility, pincer grip etc).


  • Artology Practitioner Program is evidence based program with pseudoscientific approach
  • Uniformity of rules and regulations to practice
  • Renders an adequate direction and great strides towards the expected outcome
  • Consists of dynamic approach to performance
  • Involves scientific methods to monitor, assess and evaluate
  • Accessible and all-inclusive
  • Involves comprehensive techniques to analyse and assess the overt challenges
  • Covers diverse horizon including Neurodevelopmental disorders and Mental illnesses.

The program has been designed to benefit the potential beneficiaries as mentioned below through its implementation:

  • Students pursuing education or graduates (B.Ed, B.Ed in special education, Psychology & Therapy e.g. occupational therapy)
  • Professionals (preferably from the field of psychology, therapy, special education & education)
  • Individual owns interest in art
  • Care givers, siblings and parents of determine ones

Imparting methodology of Artology Practitioner Program in the practice shall add value and benefits to the practitioner’s acquaintance in its practice as follows:

Therapists –

  • Improves mental, physical and emotional health through innovative activities.
  • Assist in identifying and changing the unhealthy behavior patterns and self destructive behavior through its creative pedagogies.
  • Artology helps in developing new cognitive skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Enhance sitting tolerance, reduces stress level and stimulates the brain.
  • Artology makes the therapy creative through it art based therapeutic approach.

Psychologists –

  • Artology is focused on the five major human development domain such as cognitive skills, attention span, motor skills, behavior and sensory.
  • Artology possess stress bursting activities for mental health wellness.
  • It consists of methodologies which works on the behavior of social significance and also, on managing the anger issues.
  • Artology consists of methods of observing, interpreting, and recording how individuals behave and its progress.
  • Its dynamic tools and techniques helps to understand the non-verbalised emotions, feeling and thought process.

Special Educators –

  • Artology helps to treat the diverse population including people with special needs.
  • Artology has the focus on imparting activities while using many pedagogical concepts, teaching learning materials and multiple techniques.
  • It consists of activities that helps to understand the child’s perspective.
  • Artology provides a platform to understand the strength and weaknesses of the child.
  • The involved methods in the program assist in enhancing multiple development skills.

Mainstream Educators/ Teachers (KG- 8) –

  • Assists in Identifying the learning challenges and difficulties at early age and provide adequate solutions.
  • Potential to help improve a student's memory and concentration skills.
  • Helps developing decision-making and critical thinking skills, enhance communication and listening skills.
  • Through the arts, students develop skills like resilience, grit, and a growth mindset to help them master their craft, do well academically, and succeed in life after high school.

Parents, Care givers, Siblings and students –

  • Artology program have the potential to help improve a student's memory
  • It is a psychodynamic-development process that uses visual symbolization to express, communicate, and create change in the dyadic relationship.
  • Improves and enhance concentration skills, develop decision-making and critical thinking skills.
  • Enhance communication and listening skills, but also encourage focus and discipline.
  • An arts education can also help a student to improve self-esteem and social skills.

Its curriculum is a blend of different art forms, techniques, tools and methods have an effectual psychological meaning and impact on different areas. Program also, defines benefits of different colours, transformations, methods, techniques, tools, art and offers practical activities which hence, justify the statement and concept behind the program. Innovative and creative activities help to express the non-verbalized thoughts, emotions, and feelings with channelling a liberal process.

The Artology Practitioner Program is 48 HRS program which shall be conducted twice a week considering the topical circumstances of the applicants. The program finishes in the time span three months which includes 32 HRS of meticulous training and 16 HRS of practical to the practitioners which involves:

  • Understanding to impart multiple tools and techniques
  • Profound knowledge to implement art on different conditions
  • Awareness of scientific methods involved in the program
  • Impact of colours and shapes psychologically
  • Individual’s personality check with authentic Personality Assessment Tool
  • Methods, tools and techniques to perform the activity
  • Methodology to monitor the performance of each activity
  • Understanding optimize utilization of activities in current practice
  • Assessment of performance with empirical assessment process
  • Development of case studies of the case
  • Generating statistical format analytical report of the case

After the accomplishment of the program, applicant shall be released with an Artology Practitioner Number which signifies the authenticity of the learning been achieved along with the certified merit to practice as the Artology Practitioner.


The team of proficient trainers are highly equipped, holds enrich experience and expertise to develop a conducive environment, utilization of innovative and creative pedagogies and possess hundreds descriptive of case studies. They are committed to applicant’s growth during the session of Artology Practitioner Program to empower, provide high-level techniques to advance their practice, implement the effective modern tools and techniques and to improvise the methods with innovative therapeutic solutions by involving in one of our provident Practitioner Program named Artology Practitioner Program.


Artology consists of innovative, creative and informative materials, tools and techniques which are well tested and applied. It consists of scientific proven personality assessment tool, description of techniques and interpretations to the test, methods and material to perform along with the appropriate age criteria to attempt. The course content provides knowledge onto the understanding of multiple art techniques and forms along with the psychological and non psychological impacts on the different areas. It also, includes comprehensive instructions to perform, regions or areas to monitor, scientific methods to assess and criteria to develop case study and analytical report. In addition to the above, all applicants are offered three enlightening books during the program such as Artology Practitioner Program Manual, Tool Kit and Assessment Book.

Manual - Theoretical understanding

  • Understanding of therapeutic approach
  • Colours and shape psychology
  • Criteria to implement
  • Personality assessment tool
  • Understanding of involved arts

Toolkit– Instructional tool

  • Objectives of covered topics
  • Instructions of personality assessment tool
  • Material requirement and comprehensive steps to perform activities
  • Conducive environment to perform (subject to vary as per art)
  • Hands on activities column
  • Objectives of case studies
  • Concise repertory

Assessment Book – Empirical process

  • Formatting of interaction and communication
  • Observational techniques and methods
  • Assessment of activities
  • Monitoring and tracking of performance
  • Developing case studies
  • Generating statistical format of analytical report

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