Corporate Affiliation

Hire the crème de la crème of human resources trained to cater to the current requirements of the media and entertainment industry. You can also outsource designing and animation-related projects and get them done with a next-level creative perspective at cost-efficient prices.

Authorized Enrollment Partner

Whether you are a trained professional, an institution or a commoner having the vision to guide students for futuristic career opportunities then you can partner with us to spread our mission and ease the admission process of students in AEMP.

Authorized Training Centre/Franchise

We always love to associate with the likeminded people looking to join our outreach pan India and globally who have the vision and zeal to make a positive impact of next-gen education and building inclusive and accessible society. Collaborate with us and become our authorized training center to run the AEMP at your current curriculum-based centers or think huge and set up your own business with our years of expertise and enriched experience. Get a free consultation from our team of professionals to know more.

Connect with us for a sustainable and upscaling future.

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