Implement a multidisciplinary approach at your school – Art & Design enhance learning interest by constructive ways

Art & Design is a set of activity based books, designed to offer a constructive, structured, innovative and creative learning solutions keeping in mind different categories, challenges, abilities, age group and needs of the school-going and art-loving learners. The series of Art & Design have been developed under the consultation and supervision of a team of professionals from diverse background including Educational Psychologist, Academicians, Special Educators and Rehab Professionals considering various teaching learning methods and institutional challenges.

Pre requisites for ART & DESIGN

Art & Design is well research, trusted and tested education tool that furnishes academic solutions to Integrated, Inclusive and Special Schools. It has been considered more effective and recommended for schools dealing with Intellectual, Developmental and Specific Learning Disabilities. There are nine books/levels of Art & Design which are synched and interrelated to each other, that help students to learn and apply specific knowledge of each book easily and quickly. The standardized books of Art and Design synchronize with schools' academic system/policy and applied either as skill building, extracurricular or co-curricular subject, and offers various academicals solutions and opens multiple dimensions to students to excel in the vast field related to arts and designing.

The series of books benefit students Academically, Vocationally and Therapeutically. Academically help to opt suitable subjects as main subject to excel in secondary & senior secondary classes via NIOS or other state board. Vocationally help to explore opportunities and possibilities in the field of art, multimedia and other related areas. Therapeutically help to improve the essential functional areas such as motor skills, cognitive skills etc.

The purpose behind the development of Art and Design has emerged by understanding the existing subjects, curriculum, facilities, challenges, evaluation process, needs, TLMs, goals and objectives of schools, especially those working with the specially-abled and early-age students. It helps in systemizing the education system considering all the above stated components. There are widely seen challenges in the schools and it is believed that to prevent disorientation and unorganized system, standardization of curriculum plays a crucial role in education system. Art & Design offers not only a set of standardized books, but also provides a systematic pattern of providing education and offers effective pedagogical solutions which make it to be an appropriate tool and solution for schools.

Art and Design make sure that the implementation of books and its teaching-learning materials (TLMs) should be delivered properly to achieve pre-set goals and for that it offers following support and deliverable to schools/users:

  • Standardised books and curriculums
  • Structured monitoring and proper hand-holding
  • Easy and justified assessment system
  • Individualised educational solutions
  • Customization and development of TLMs
  • Delivery of uniformed lesson plans
  • On-going mentoring and training
  • Develop organizational skills in the learning system
  • Assist to create conducive learning ecology

There are numerous tools, techniques and methods involved in the process of Art & Design which helps the teachers/educators to deal with learners according to their individual learning abilities. Art & Design comprises of a structured and consistent procedure which offers:

  • Meticulous training to teachers every month
  • Experiential and effective teaching methodologies
  • Innovative Teaching/Learning Materials and Methods
  • Individualized Transition Plans (ITP)
  • Facility to design, develop and deploy customized worksheet

The nine levels of Art & Design are based on tactile learning methods(the method in which learning takes place by the students carrying out physical activities), basic to complex approach of content and transition of tools to perform activities. Books are outlined to introduce fundamental, conceptual and profound teaching/learning techniques. The series of nine books are developed after the thorough research and study while drafting the content of the books children belonging to special schools, play schools, pre-primary, primary, elementary and secondary sections were kept into consideration. Nine levels are inter-related and individual, each level involves different patterns of learning starting from the basic to complex.



Implementation of Art & Design includes a meticulous process and compilation of various steps to apply and able to achieve expected outcomes. This process involves various steps that help team of academicians to analyse and classify received data into a simple and representative format, which further finalised with mutual consent and understanding of schools/users and knowledge partner (AIMS Media) . The essential steps are:

Step-1 : Collection of Pre-Requisites Information - Pre-requisite is a set of information such as categories of classrooms, list of existing subjects, sample copies of curriculum & IEP, student-teacher ratio etc., which is shared by schools/users in order to synch the existing education system with Art & Design criterion. The shared data is further studied and analysed.

Step-2 : Analyses of Information – The information received by the schools/users is further analysed and studied by the proficient team of AIMS Media in order to understand the education system of the schools. The adequate information converted into classified data, which further helps in decision making of allotting different levels of Art & Design in appropriate classroom categories to that of schools.

Step-3 : Categorization & Books Allotment – After the thorough study and analysis of information received by the schools/users, AIMS Media generates a categorization and books allotment sheet which is further shared with schools/users for the confirmation. E.g. If the Level-1 consists of 10 students, categorization & books allotment sheet helps identifying the 10 students to distribute the books. It helps schools/users to monitor the number of books to be delivered to students of classroom of respective categories.

Step-4 : Syllabus Distribution Plan – Syllabus Distribution Plan is a standard scheduling of the syllabus/curriculum which represents detailed knowledge about the frequency and duration of each topic covered in the chapters of each level. To execute the sessions of Art & Design in the on-going teaching system of schools, syllabus distribution is done on the basis of number of periods/sessions been allotted in the academic year.

Step-5 : Monthly Teacher Training Schedule - Every month of the academic year teachers of specific levels undergo a meticulous training in which the execution, teaching strategies, innovative and effective pedagogies, creative TLMs are discussed and briefed. Also, during the training individual challenges and difficulties are provided customized and impactful solutions.

Step-6 : Worksheet Customization & Assessment – Worksheets are designed according to the topics covered on the monthly basis stated in syllabus distribution plan. It is a customized TLM which is designed in regards to the experiences, challenges, ideas and solutions been discussed during the monthly training to offer adequate solutions. Worksheet helps the learner to study, revise and perform well during the assessment; learning procedure assists the learners in enhancing skills, improving the performance and maintaining the bars of excellence.

Step-7 : Monthly Monitoring & Feedback – To monitor the execution of Art & Design monthly monitoring and feedback is released to all the teachers of specific levels. The information received is studied and the errors are resolved instantly to make the teaching/learning process more simple, smooth and comfortable for both the teachers and learners.

Step-8 : Annual Review Meet – – As per the policies of Art & Design at the end of every academic year, Annual Review Meet shall be conducted between schools/users and knowledge partner (AIMS Media) to provide the customized edition for the new upcoming academic year. The discussion of meet has an agenda which covers annual report from schools/users, suggestions & recommendations for the customization of books and new academic year plans

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