Ability Enhancement Multimedia Program

AEMP has a range of different therapeutic, academic and vocational programs developed and designed by a team of different educational psychologist, academicians and multimedia professionals keeping in mind different age, abilities and difficulties. Over the past years, it had shown tremendous changes in the life of specially-abled. The purpose of this programme is to educate, enable and empower people with disabilities/ diverse needs through multimedia, art and technology based skill development programs which eventually help to build sustainable and independent livelihood.

AEMP is a unique blend of creativity, which help student to learn through play and to develop their ‘Thinking Skills’. The user of AEMP says, AEMP has not only changed the traditional dimension of vocational education but also has been proved as MULTIMEDIA THERAPY.

Key Components

  • AEMP Creative Quotient
  • Outdoor Exposure
  • Live and Paid Projects
  • AIMS Support Service
  • Portfolio and Showreel
  • Parent Training Sessions
  • Qualitative Study Material

Training Programs

  • Pre-Vocational & Vocational Training Programs
  • Capacity Building Programs
  • Skill Development Training Programs
  • Training and Workshop Programs
  • Sensitization & Awareness Programs
  • Parent Empowerment Training Programs

Learning Modes

In-person, face-to-face learning is a crucial component of blended and personalized learning; and a form of instructional interaction that occurs “in person” and in real time between teachers and students or among peers. This mode is operated in our learning centre and associated organisations.

Learning Centre – Our learning centres are furnished with all essential facilities and educators are committed to impart work-oriented indispensable skills to grow students holistically.


Some of the best educators from the media and entertainment industry apply modern vocational approaches for each individual student. Our learning center provides an inclusive environment to the children with no discrimination providing equal opportunities for everyone.
We believe that whether it is a Person with Diverse Needs or with any other ability, holistic development is necessary that’s why we do focus on co-scholastic activities, outdoor visits, paid projects and workshops along with their regular education.

Associated Organisation - We are associated with hundreds of organisations across India and overseas with whom AEMP and other related programs have been implemented successfully. We work collectively and collaboratively with our associates to meet students needs and achieve set goals.

Online learning is a virtual interaction between student and teacher on a regular basis via real time video conferencing. It provides greater flexibility for students to work at their own pace and review work as needed and can continue without disruption even in any situation or event.

Our educators apply many interesting and innovative learning tools & techniques that help to develop an ecosystem where learning becomes easy, accessible and interactive. We have great experience of using this mode with many individuals and institutions.


Home-Based learning is an excellent mode for student lives in remote areas and having technological challenges. Our experienced educators imparts regular training to parents & caretakers at their doorstep and enable & empower them by giving individualized and exceptional pedagogical solutions regarding curriculum and its implementation.


Our creative books, worksheets, video tutorials, on-time training, regular assessments, and advice inspire parents to become more effectively involved with their child resulting in student performing better.

AEMP Flagship Programs

  • Art Discovery
  • Learning Based AEMP
  • Project Based AEMP
  • Foundation in Arts and Computer
  • Diploma in Editing and Graphics Designing
  • Certificate in Data entry and Office Automation
  • Certificate in Social Communication and Management

In addition to the flagship programs, a team of proficient academics, researchers and various subject masters develop, design, modify and deliver customized assessment tools, study materials and training programs for various special schools, SEN units, rehab centres, colleges and skill development centres.

AEMP Process

  • Assessment
  • Evaluation
  • Enrolment
  • Teaching Learning Material
  • Training and Mentoring
  • On-going Monitoring
  • Review & Solutions
  • Periodical Assessment
  • Report and Certification

Impact of AEMP

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